Creating Users

Spaceconnect also offers internal authentication where user accounts are managed within Spaceconnect (not using Single Sign On from Microsoft or Google).  This guide covers the creation of user accounts and how these users will access the system.

Step 1: Login

Login to the administration website  at
This is only accessible for users with an admin role. For Email + Password clients, Spaceconnect will need to setup the admin users.
Once logged in, the landing page will display that shows all existing locations (if any).


Step 2: Navigate to Users

Navigate to "Users" from the left hand menu.  This will then list all users that are currently defined for your organisation.


Step 3: Add New User

Click on "ADD NEW USER" to create a new user.
This will open the "Add New User" page.  Enter the required details of the new user.

  • First Name & Last name
    The name of the user.  This is how the system will show their name on any booking reports.
  • Email
    The email address of the user.  This is what users must enter to login and where booking notifications will be sent.
    This must be unique across the system, so two user records cannot have the same email address.
    The emails address must match the domain of your organisation as Spaceconnect uses the domain to work out which client database to access.

Default Preferences

When a user books a desk from the mobile app, they can select a location, level and zone.  It is possible to set their default options so that they do not need to always select these, and so that searching for suitable desks is faster.

  • Location
    Select the default location for this user so it will be automatically selected when making a desk booking.
  • Level
    Select the default level (of the preferred location) for this user so it will be automatically selected when making a desk booking.
  • Zone
    It is possible to define zones of desks in the system. Select the default zone for this user so it will be automatically selected when making a desk booking.  Users can still change this to select a different zone.


When finished entering details, click "ADD" and the record will be saved.  The system will then send an automated registration email to the new user prompting them to enter their password. 

When creating new users, it is not possible to define their password.  Passwords must be created by the end user themselves.


Step 4: User Complete Registration

When a new user account is created, an automated email is sent to the user. This emails instructs the user to click a link to complete their registration for Spaceconnect.  They will not be able to login to the system until this step is completed.

Important!  This link is only valid for 24hours from being sent.  if the user does not click the link within this time, the link will die and a new registration email must be sent.


When the user clicks the link they are taken to a simple page prompting them to enter a new password.

They enter their password twice as a confirmation, then click "Set password".  


After clicking "Set password" the system updates their account with the new password.  The user is then shown a confirmation page stating that the account is now activated. 
This page also includes links to the Spaceconnect mobile application for iOS and Android.