Checking into a desk booking

When a desk booking is made, a person will need to "Check in" to confirm that they are occupying the space.  If they do not checkin, then the desk may be released to allow others to use it.   "Checking in" also allow users to be located as the system "knows" where they are.

Important: These settings may be adjusted for each customer so some users may find the window for checkin is different, but the overall process is the same.


Step 1: View all bookings

Open the mobile app.  From the home page, click on "All Bookings" to view upcoming bookings including the one to be "Checked in". Select the booking to view details.  



Step 2: Checkin

When viewing a booking, the top section shows the booking times with a countdown until start.  Customers can configure the window for checking in, but the user can click on the"CHECK IN" button.
Clicking this will then show a confirmation dialog.  Click "yes" to confirm and the user is then "Checked in" to their booking.