Checkin via QR code

A user can book a desk and when arriving can scan a QR code to check in and complete a health & safety questionnaire.

Step 1 - Scan QR Code

Customers can produce labels containing QR codes for each desk.  This will be stuck on or very near to the desk.  A user arrives at the desk and can then use their phone to scan the QR code.  Scanning the QR code will open the web browser on the user's phone.

Many applications can be downloaded from the App stores for scanning QR codes.  More recent versions of Android and iOS include this feature as standard in their camera apps.


Step 2 - Complete Questionnaire

After scanning the QR code, a web browser will be opened on the phone.  If the client has health questionnaires enabled, then the questions will be presented at this point. 
Questions can be configured per client so may not match the screen grab below.

The user selects "YES" and "NO" accordingly, and the taps "CONTINUE" 


Step 3a - Questionnaire passed - Checked in

If the questionnaire feature is not used, or all answers submitted are "safe" then the user is checked in and they see a confirmation message.

Step 3b - Questionnaire not passed - No Checkin

If the user provides an answer to the questionnaire that is marked as potentially unsafe, then they may not checkin and they will see a warning message.  Depending on configuration settings, an amount of future bookings may be automatically cancelled.

The messages displayed to the user can be configured to suit the client requirements: