About using internal authentication

SpaceConnect works best when linked to Microsoft or Google accounts, as these systems provide room calendars and user lists.  Organisations with Microsoft or Google can then use Single Sign On (SSO) so that their employees can access Spaceconnect with their normal work username and password.

However, Spaceconnect also has the option of Internal Authentication where users are created and managed directly within Spaceconnect.  In this mode some features are restricted, such as room management since this requires a connection to room calendars and integration with user management.  


Features available with Internal Authentication

The following is a list of Spaceconnect features available when using Internal Authentication


Desk Booking

  • Bookable, Agile, and Fixed Desks
  • Interactive Maps (for desk booking)
  • Mobile app (for desk booking)
  • Desk Booking website
  • Desktop monitor/Docking stations
  • Reports

Visitor Management

  • Estate creation
  • VMS panel application
  • Notifications to users
  • Mobile app (for registering visitors)