6. Add Service Account & Room Booking Account to Space Connect

Once you have set everything up in Google G-Suite, you need to add the newly created accounts in the Space Connect Web Admin panel. These account credentials are stored securely in our Key Vault. Follow the below steps to add your service account in

Step 1: Login to Space Connect

Navigate to the Space Connect administrator website (http://admin.spaceconnect.co)

Select "Sign in with Google" button for authentication then enter your Administration email address.

Step 2: Authentication

The Google authentication sign-in page will display in a web browser. Confirm the email address and enter the account password.

Step 3: Service account setup

Your Space Connect company homepage will display.  Using the left hand menu, navigate to "Configuration > Notification Settings'.

Scroll down to the G-Suite On Service Account Setup and complete the following:

  • ServiceAccount Email: = the service account email address
  • RoomService Email = the bookings account you created
  • Upload P12 File = The P12 file that automatically downloaded when you created the service account
  • P12 Password = Enter the password for the P12 file that displayed when you created the file
Select the SAVE button.