Create a Level within a location

Once you have created a location, you will need to create each level within that location before you can add and link your spaces (meeting rooms, desks, etc) to the level and location.

Follow the steps below to create a new level within a location.


Step 1 - View Location

From the Locations Homepage, select the 'View' button for the location you would like to add a level.

The screen will then show levels for the selected location.  From here you can manage desks, rooms, and Huddle spaces (covered in other articles).  To add a new level click on "ADD NEW LEVEL".


Step 2 - Add Level

Clicking "ADD NEW LEVEL" will open a new screen for entering location details.

  • Level Name
    The name of the level. Such as "1st floor" or "Mezzanine".
  • Interactive Mapping Level ID (Optional)
    If using interactive mapping, this field is used to link a level to a specific floorplan.
  • Major Identifier (Optional)
    This is only required when using sensors to monitor presence.  Each sensor has three IDs that are used to link them to a specific building, level and space.  This field is used to link major identifier of the sensor to this level.
  • Display Order
    Used to set the sequence for listing the levels such as when searching with the mobile application.  For example:
    Ground floor = "0"
    First floor = "1"
    Mezzanine = "2"
    Second floor = "3"


Step 3: Save level details

When all details are entered, click on "Add Level" to save the record and return to the location details. The level is now available for entering desks and rooms.


Next Steps - Add Desks and/or Rooms

Once a level has been created, you will be able to create desks and meeting rooms.  

Create a Desk                  or                Create a Room