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2. Enabled Rest API via Web Interface

You must enable the REST API so that your endpoint can interoperate with SpaceConnect for video-conferencing automation.

How to Change your Password:Use one of the following methods to change the administrator password from the default value:
  1. From the Polycom Trio web interface, log in to the Polycom Trio as an administrator using the HTTPS protocol. The default password is 456.In the Settings menu, select Change Password. Select the Admin tab and update the password. Select Save.

  2. In the Polycom Trio touch interface, go to Settings > Advanced and enter the admin password. The default password is 456.Select Administrative Settings > Change Admin Password. Enter a new admin password.

  3. Add the following configuration to change the admin password.

    device.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword="[password]"

How To Enable REST API:Use method a or b to enable REST API on the Polycom Trio;
  1. In the Polycom Trio web interface, select Settings > Applications.At REST API, select Enable. Select Save.
  2. If your Polycom Trio is configured from a provisioning system, you can enable the REST API and set this parameter using that system as follows.

    Set the parameter apps.restapi.enabled="1".