Create a Location

Before you can link your meeting rooms or create new spaces, you must create a location. To create your first location, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Login

Login to the administration website  at
Once logged in, the landing page will display that shows all existing locations (if any).


Step 2: Add Location

Click on "Add New Location" to create a new location.
This will open a new screen for entering location details.

  • Name
    The name of the location.  This could just be the city or commonly used name.
  • Address
    The postal address of the location.
  • Timezone
    The timezone of the location.  This is important to ensure the system can correctly save and display bookings for users all over the world.
  • Location Image (Optional)
    It is possible to provide an image for each location that simply helps when administering the system.  This must be a .PNG or .JPG file format.
    If not provided, a generic placeholder image will be used.
  • UUID (Optional)
    This is only required when using sensors to monitor presence.  Each sensor has three IDs that are used to link them to a specific building, level and space.  This field is used to link sensor data to this building.
  • Geo Community ID & Geo Drawing ID (Optional)
    This is only required when interactive mapping is enabled.  This field links this location to the matching location in HERE maps which Space Connect use for interactive mapping.
  • Daily Room Booking Limit (Optional)
    Used to restrict the number of room bookings that may be made by each user per day.  This can be useful if certain users are creating excessive bookings and preventing others from accessing any rooms.  The default value of "0" means no limit is applied.


Step 3: Save location details

When all details are entered, click on "Add Location" to save the record and return to the location homepage. The location is now available for entering levels and then spaces.